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RAF Cosford 2013

Last Sunday we set out early to get to RAF Cosford for the annual air show. Tickets were £20 each (in advance) and the kids were free. Gates opened at 9.30am and we live about 30 minutes away. So leaving at 8am should get us there in plenty of time  . . . . . wrong.

We joined the queue to enter the show on the M54 about 5 miles away from the junction at around 8:20am. We then sat it traffic until nearly 1pm :( Keeping the children entertained was tough but they did well considering they were just sitting there.

When we did eventually arrive, the show was about 45 minutes in and we had missed the parachute display and the very impressive euro fighter. There was still plenty to fly though and some highlights were the Vulcan and the Red Arrows display team.

The show finished around 5pm and we stayed until 6:30 looking around the hangers at the various displays etc.

Apart from the traffic we had a good day.

Last year, having sold the D90 and lenses, I only had the Fuji X10, which is a fixed 28-112mm lens. Although some of the pictures were ok, they were not close enough for what I would have liked and required quite a lot of cropping.

Having sold the X10, I moved to the Nikon J1 and after seeing a great price on a Nikon V1, changed the J1 for the V1. On the V1 I have the 30-110mm lens which performed fantastically. The quick autofocus of the V1 alongside the quality of the 30-110mm lens is a great combination.

Here’s the best from the day;

[AFG_gallery id=’6′]



36.74 Miles

Last Sunday, Phil & I decided to get out on the bikes again. It was a warm sunny day and we both had the morning free. The plan was to meet at McDonalds at 8:10am and head off towards Clent Hills.

After about 10 miles we stopped for a breather and decided to up the ante and carry on to Stourport-on-Seven. The ride there was fine, We got there in a little over an hour and had a pit stop at a pub overlooking the river. After refuelling we headed off back towards home.

Mr triathlon zoomed off at various points leaving me always trying to catch up. He did wait at various points ahead, which was nice. We took the route back via Clent Hills which on hindsight may have been a mistake.

On a steep climb up to the top of the hills I seriously lost all energy and it took quite a lot of huffing and puffing just to keep the bike moving. But I did it and when back at home the total ride was 36.74 miles which is my longest ride to date, by about 10 miles or so.

I clearly need to get out more on longer rides to build up my stamina and get used to being in the saddle for that amount of time.

36.74 Miles