Monthly Archives: March 2013

Start of Ironman / Good Week

Last week saw the turn of the month and it was pointed out to me that i’d agreed to do the 12xIronman. I hadn’t really forgot but I was hoping too. So with that in mind I started to look at my running. I needed to be able to do more than 1 mile at a time otherwise I would need to go out running nearly every day!

I set off on Friday night and thought I’ll just see how far I can get. I mainly wanted to see how far I could go without stopping. Previously, I remember being in the gym and not being able to do a mile non stop. This may be down to the fact that I had the treadmill on too fast but most probably was due to me being unfit. Here’s what happened Friday:



Not the fastest time granted, but I managed all 3 miles without stopping which I was really pleased with. 3 miles down, 23 to go.

Also that week I did 40 miles commuting on the bike. Although these were technically in February so wont count towards the 12xIronman. On Thursday I commuted to work as normal. Well, normal ish. Something felt different. It felt good! Coming home form work im always slower than going to work. I have more climbing on the way home and the traffic is always worse due to the time of the day.

Back in the summer, when I was cycling regularly I would always get home in around 46 minutes. However, on Thursday it was 44! I also felt like I could go on and on. My legs didn’t have the dull ache they usually get after riding. Was it the new saddle? Was it the fact that I had been out for a run the night before? I don’t really know but hopefully this week it will feel just as good.

Here is the commutes both wayscycle double


Ironman has started only 112 miles cycling, 2.6 miles swimming and 20 miles running to go……..