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Disney on Ice

Last Tuesday, as part of the children’s christmas treat, we took William and Felicity to Disney on Ice at the NIA in Birmingham. We arrived at the arena at around 6pm with plenty of time to spare as the show started at 6.30.

After grabbing a quick snack, which consisted of 2 small diet cokes and 2 small chips (£8!!), we took our FRONT ROW seats ready for the start of the show.

about 5 minutes before the show started, a man with an American accent asked all the parents on the front row how old the children were. He was part of the shows team and it turns out that they needed two children to be part of the show. This was only available to children aged between 4 and 10. William said he would like to take part but unfortunatly Felicity was too young.

However, the man then came back out and gave all the children that were too young to go on the ice, a big Mini or Mickey mouse. That, I thought, was a really nice gesture..

The show was really great, and William did indeed play his part and was pushed around the ice on a submarine in the Little Mermaid scene. The show finished at around 8:20 and we were back home before 9. The kids really enjoyed it and I would defiantly think about going back next year.

This was also a great opportunity to use the Nikon J1 again. I found that once I had sorted out my shutter speeds I was getting cracking shots. The only BIG gripe is that for some reason Nikon decided to separate the shutter button from the record button in Movie mode. So of course, when I thought I was filming William on the ice, in fact I wasn’t and only really managed one half decent shot of him in the submarine! I wont make that mistake again.

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Bonfire Night

On Friday we took the girls to their first bonfire display at Felicity’s’ nursery. It was a good display as it started at 6.30pm which meant it wasn’t too late for the girls to be up. The playground was pretty packed as they had opened it up to the whole school also.

The fireworks lasted around 20 minutes and were your usual mixture of colours and bangs. Felicity didnt like the loud bangs so much but it didn’t seem to bother Verity.

I took the new Nikon J1 with the 10-30mm lens and was pretty please with the results. All of the shots were at 3200 ISO and considering it was pitch black and the only light available was from the glow sticks the girls were holding and the fireworks, i think the J1 held up pretty well.

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Starting 70-680 Configuring & Installing Windows 7

I’ve worked in IT for the last 10 years now and Its come to the point where I need to get certified. I’ve tried a few times in the past but things have seemed to get in the way. Well TODAY is the day that changes!

Last week I re-configured my home lab server and installed ESXI 5.1. I needed to have one “live” machine on there to control my backups and a few other applications. So Ive got a copy of Windows Server 2008r2 as the microserver’s always on machine. I reckon with the 8GB RAM in there I can squeeze another 3 VM’s in with a light load.

So starting tonight, I’m going to get a vista machine and a new Windows 7 installation and perform a live migration between the 2. Something simple that I know i could do without reading the book. However, as I’ve always found with Microsoft, there’s the “real world” way and the “Microsoft” way…