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Felicity’s 3rd Birthday

Last Sunday was Felicity’s 3rd birthday. It doesnt seem that long ago since Amanda was pregnant with her. She is certainly growing up fast. We didnt have a party as such, just her Grandparents around for some dinner and cake. She had a loverly day and has now managed to get even more presents which I have no doubt will go some way to filling up our conservatory.

The main focus this year for her presents was Disney Princesses. She had plenty. Pictured above is her with Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (one of her favorite films.) On a side note the I was worried that the Fuji X10 wouldn’t come back from Fuji in time from being repaired. But luckily it arrived just a few days prior to her birthday..

I Havant had chance to go through all of the shots yet, but here are a few that I am pleased with….


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