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RAF Cosford June 2012 – Fuji X10

Sunday 17th June 2012 took us to RAF Cosford for the anual RAF air display. Cosford is around 40 minutes drive away from us, so not too far. Going on previous years it gets really busy really early on. So this year we set off at around 7:50am ready for the gates to open at 8:30am. To our surprise we drove straight in and parked without any trouble. Friends who came later did get stuck in some traffic but said it wasnt too bad.

Considering we were only going out for the day, the car boot was very full and felt like we were heading out for a week. We decided it would be best to leave Verity (1.5) at home with nanny & granddad on this occasion but took Felicity along where we had previously left her last year.

The weather forecast was looking good, cloudy but mainly dry. We had a few light short showers around mid day but on the whole the weather didn’t spoil the day and all the planes flew. Last year It rained that much that it was pointless taking the camera out the bag so the D90 and 70-200 f2.8 stayed dry. This year when the conditions would have been good enough to use the DSLR and long lens, of course I dont have them. Sold them all around 8 weeks ago. This event and Silverstone, later in the year are the only 2 times that I think I will really miss the quality and range from a DSLR. Who knows, I may well replace them in the future.

So, armed with my Fuji X10 with a 28-112mm lens I set out to do the best I could. Obviously, I couldn’t get close enough to a single plane to capture any great detail but the shots that I did get I was satisfied with. I fired around 800 shots on the day, and managed to get just under 500 keepers so I thought that was good going. The sky was dull due to the cloud cover and little light but the X10 coped pretty well I think and the burst rates came in handy for the tornados.

All in all, we had a very good day out and we are looking forward to going back next year.


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