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Cycling Update May

As per my previous post I started cycling to work (10.5 miles each way) back around November time. I started off on a 2nd hand Chris Boardman Hybrid Comp 2010. It was a really nice bike but after commuting through the winter the cycling bug took over and I wanted something a little different. So, after getting a great deal from Halfords (of all places) I brought the Boardman CX Team.

Its a fantastic bike that will hold mudguards and a pannier rack yet has drop bars and slightly wider tyres, it is, in my eyes the perfect all rounder. However, it didnt just sop at the bike. I brought a BTwin cycle computer (basic) and have now got quite a collection of cycle specific attire although it was actually quite cheap as it was from Aldi.

Anyway, back to the commuting. When I first stated out i was getting to work in about 50 minutes and getting back in just under an hour. Im now getting in most days under 40 minutes with my personal best being 37. Going home is a little slower, usually around 45 minutes which Im happy with considering i’ve done a full days work and cycling home is more uphill.

So far this year Ive covered just short of 500 miles which im really pleased with. My target for the end of the year is 1000 miles so hopefully i’ll be able to achieve that.


Here’s my stats so far from Endomondo


Fuji X10


Well after months of not really using the Nikon D90, I decided to sell up :( So I sold the whole lot, Camera, lenses, flash, bag everything. I’ve read that the best camera in the world is the one that you have with you, and in my case I just didnt want to drag the D90 and even the smallest of lenses around with me. Especially with everything that we have to take with us for the kids.

So, with everything gone, I needed a very good camera. I wasn’t going to be happy with a supermarket special point and shoot so I needed to do some research. I split my search down to a few areas. I wanted,┬ápocket-ability, very good image quality, fast lenses, and BOKEH (i love bokeh). On my list I had the Sony NEX-5N, Panasonic GX1, Fuji X100 and Fuji X10. Looking at the NEX it still seemed pretty big and chunky and the kit lenses were slow and other lenses were few and far between. Continue reading