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It’s Been a While .

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Well it’s been a while since my last post about almost getting knocked off my bike and a few things have happened since then. Firstly, the boardman needed a new rear wheel after the collision and luckily the drivers insurance paid out to replace that and a few other small bits that were damaged. Credit goes to the British cycling solicitors ( Leigh Day) who handled everything for me and got my payout pretty quickly.  As for the Boardman.. Well that’s long gone. I’ve brought something a lot lighter, but…read more


Knocked off – well almost!

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It was a cold Tuesday morning at around 7:30am. I was traveling my usual 3 miles to work when I hit the back of along traffic queue. As normal I started to filtered down the right hand side of the cars. I was probably 500 yards from the gates to work when a woman in a silver Peugeot decided to turn right without indication and straight into me.  She hit the left side of my bike and back wheel. Luckily I managed to stay upright and bring the bike to…read more


3 in a Row

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Must be the enjoyment of getting back into things but I’ve been out 3 days in a row… After the awful weather we have been having I decided to go for a 5k run on Friday night after work. After my last run walk, I decided to slow things down from the start. I usually find that in mile 1 I’m running faster than I probably should be. So, i slowed mile 1 down to 10:30 per mile. This was good as it meant that I could focus on getting…read more


First Run Back

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Yesterday I ran my first 5k for a month and it showed. I was slow, 2nd mile was apauling, but I got back out there and will hopefully get back into a regular routine. Decided to use Garmin connect for my runs as I like this little graphic for use on here.

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