It’s Been a While .

Well it’s been a while since my last post about almost getting knocked off my bike and a few things have happened since then.

Firstly, the boardman needed a new rear wheel after the collision and luckily the drivers insurance paid out to replace that and a few other small bits that were damaged. Credit goes to the British cycling solicitors ( Leigh Day) who handled everything for me and got my payout pretty quickly. 

As for the Boardman.. Well that’s long gone. I’ve brought something a lot lighter, but I’ll save that for another post when I have more time. 

I’ve also completed part of the TDF stage 2 in the past month so ill through some thoughts on that up shortly too. 

Finally, from a photography point of view I’ve replaced the Nikon V1 with a Sony RX100 with the plan to stuff this in my saddle bag on longer rides and use it more than I ever did the V1. Think my photography may be taking a back seat to cycling now…

Knocked off – well almost!

It was a cold Tuesday morning at around 7:30am. I was traveling my usual 3 miles to work when I hit the back of along traffic queue. As normal I started to filtered down the right hand side of the cars. I was probably 500 yards from the gates to work when a woman in a silver Peugeot decided to turn right without indication and straight into me. 

She hit the left side of my bike and back wheel. Luckily I managed to stay upright and bring the bike to a controlled stop. The driver stopped and we exchanged details. She admitted fault at the scene but I had no witnesses stop too see if I was ok. 

The bike was damaged but not too bad. The rear wheel was badly buckled, the half clips on the deals broke, the rear mudguard bent and my right overshoe torn. The cost to repair at the local bike shop was £121! 

Anyway, fast forward three weeks and I’ve had the bike fixed and took it out for its first spin this morning. Whilst the bike was in a i had it serviced and had some new tyres fitted. I opted for continental GP4000s 25mm. 

I went on a short 10 mile spin this morning and the bike felt good. It felt a bit faster but I think that may have been in my head my head more than anything. I will continue to commute on my bike this week as I’m not letting this close call put me off. I will probably be more cautious of other road users from now on though. 

3 in a Row

Must be the enjoyment of getting back into things but I’ve been out 3 days in a row… After the awful weather we have been having I decided to go for a 5k run on Friday night after work. After my last run walk, I decided to slow things down from the start. I usually find that in mile 1 I’m running faster than I probably should be. So, i slowed mile 1 down to 10:30 per mile. This was good as it meant that I could focus on getting mile 2 down under 11 minutes. It worked, not only was mile 2 down form 12 minutes to 10:58, I was also able to keep running the whole 3 miles without having to stop. Which was something I probably hadn’t done since October.

Saturday morning Phil and I set off on our usual client loop. This for me is a 15 mile bike ride down through Hagley and then back up through Clent Hills. Not having really riden any decent distance since September, this was a hard ride. St Kenels pass in Clent is a killer hill. Very long and very steep towards the end. I got up it in one go but it really hurt. My legs, shoulders and lungs were burning.  The only was it’s going to get easier is if we  do it more often…

I usually get through the loop in an hour but this time it took us quite a bit longer. It was however a nice ride as the weather was crisp but sunny and clear. My new mudguards helped keep my feet and back dry from the water on the road from the rainfall the night before.

Then on Sunday morning I went for my usual 5k loop. I concentrated on upping the cadence in my feet in order to get round the loop faster. Whatever I did worked as I set my personal best for 2 miles at 20 minutes and got round the 3 miles in 30:45 with an pace of 10:04 per mile. I’m pretty chuffed with that seeing as it’s only my 3rd run this year. I’m going to get out again a few times this week. My first goal is to be able to get under 30 minutes for 5k and be able to repeat it comfortably session after session.